Our Systems

Our sound system includes:
  • a Gemini 500W Amp,

  • a 230 Watt 15" subwoofer, due to the large magnet in this speaker it weighs 74lbs

  • Two 85 watt satelite speakers w/ 10" woofer w/compression driver,

  • Numark Mixer,

  • Numark Digital Controller,

  • up to 3 wireless mics

  • Mutiple video screens

  • Capable of 120dB (thats the same as an ambulance siren)
    120dB can cause hearing damage in less than 8 seconds!
Our light show consist of a Kinta and Oceana derbys.

These 'Old School' lights are highly sought after by DJs, I have been offered 5 times there original cost by other professional DJs.

The Kinta features 40 multi-colored lenses, 600-watt (uses two 300-watt lamps) suited for large dancing areas. It projects 80 multi-colored crisscrossing beams with a combination of beam rotation and strobing that brings excitement and variety to the show.

The Oceana also features 40 lenses, 20 light blue and 20 dark blue lenses, 800-watt lamp that projects a wave like pattern of blue multi-rays due to an exclusive "S" shaped linear lamp rotating on a horizontal axis that is suited for large dancing areas.

These lights will "COMPLETELY FILL" a 30 by 30 dance floor.
The pattern you see is only about one-twelfth of the pattern's total  output. It's 3 times wider and 4 times deeper.
CAUTION: These lights may disturb people on the other side of a "grand ballroom".

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