Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How soon in advance should I book my Entertainment?

A: There are many variables involved, such as the time of year. The holiday and graduation season are always going to fill up fast many times these time frames are booked a year in advance, so the sooner the better, however typically 30 days is sufficient. You never know if we are available this week so call or email us today!
Q: Who pulls a wedding all together?
A: Some may say the wedding planner, I see very few that do. They do a lot of pre-wedding arrangements but when it comes to the day of the event it's the man (or lady) with the mic that can direct people to the places they need to be. Announcements throughout your event can make sure the production crew and your guests are aware of the next happening. With this in mind "Please make way for the photographer to make her way to the table next to the wedding party, you may follow the photographer and gather around the table to observe in the cutting of their cake."
Q: How do your DJs Dress?
A: We dress to suit your needs from Hawaiian garb for a luau to a tux for those more formal occasions. Just tell use what you want! .
Q: What sort of music will the DJ play?
A: It's YOUR event so you tell us what you want to hear. You can even bring your own CD to make sure we have the correct version of the song. We do request receiving the CD prior to the event to assure it plays in our equipment or so we can compare to make sure we have the version of the song that you are requesting.
Q: Will the DJ play music for the entire event?
A:Absolutely! Only during toasts will the music stop, even then we can play background theme music if you would like.
Q:How do you know what music we like?
A:Prior to the wedding you will complete the agreement which includes all the details of the music that you want to hear and music that you don't want to be played, even if a request is made for it. We appreciate completing the music selections at least two weeks before your event so that you can focus on other details of your event.
Q:How early will the DJ need access to the room before an event?
A: Typically 1 hour prior to start time of the event is needed to set up. There is never an additional charge for setup time, it is included in all of our packages.

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